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Hybrid Cars

General Motors' Car of 2025

General Motors' Executive Director of Global Vehicle Engineering drops by Fox Car Report LIVE! to talk about the futuristic EN-V, and Speed's Rutledge Wood gives us a preview of the Daytona 500

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  1. Suing Yourself?

    Tracking Your Taxes: Environmentalists accused of using taxpayer money to sue government

  2. UFC 101: Dan Henderson on Silva's Win

    FOX Fight Game: Dan Henderson reacts to Anderson Silva's quick defeat of Forrest Griffin

  3. High-Performance, Low-Pollution

    Luxury German automakers are going green, embracing electric and hydrogen-powered cars

  4. Hybrid Cheap Chic

    2010 Honda Insight

  5. Gas Powered

    Is the Honda Civic GX the future of the auto industry?

  6. Way Up North...

    Rep. Boehner on his trip to ANWR!

  7. Fox Car Report LIVE! 8/12

    GM invests in a Bright Idea, Caddy builds a super coupe and Audi's R8 gets a V10

  8. Supply & Demand!

    Stuart Varney on the decline in demand!

  9. Single Digits!

    Who are the 9% who approve of Congress?

  10. The 'Other' Oil

    T. Boone Pickens pushing for alternative fuel sources to place U.S. ahead

  11. Game Over?

    Time Magazine editor says Detroit is 'closed off' to recovery

  12. Fox Car Report LIVE! 8/26

    Exclusive interview with General Motors President Mark Reuss on the company's future and the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

  1. Dependable Cars and Ugly Ones

    Fox Car Report live takes a look at how the situation in Japan is affecting the auto industry, who builds the most dependable cars, and who builds the ugliest ones.

  2. Fox Car Report LIVE! 10/07/10

    FCR LIVE! takes a $12,000 electric bike for a spin and checks out the hottest new models at the 2010 Paris Auto Show

  3. Will U.S. Mine Reshape Key Industry?

    California site could break China's near-monopoly on rare earth elements

  4. IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard on the Future of Open Wheel Racing

    IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard joins Fox Car Report LIVE! for the kick-off of the open-wheel season

  5. Gas Prices with John Santucci

    John Santucci covers the rising price of gasoline

  6. Run Silent, Run Dangerous?

    Hybrid vehicles may pose danger to the blind

  7. The Equalizer

    2010 Chevrolet Equinox

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