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How Much Oil?

Gulf Oil Spill Update

Adm. Thad Allen has latest on oil clean-up operations

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  1. Heavy Oil Washes Ashore

    Gulf oil reaches Louisiana marshes; U.S., Cuba begin rare cooperative effort

  2. A BP Crime Scene?

    Oil spill investigators eye items at the bottom of sea

  3. BP May Drill Again at Oil Spill Site

    Company announces they might attempt to tap $4 billion worth of oil still beneath blown-out well

  4. Struggle to Stop Oil Spill

    BP officials try to use chemicals to fight spill

  5. BP Searching for a Solution

    Hoping 'insertion tube' helps

  6. Oil Crisis

    Senator Mark Pryor wants bi-partisan energy summit

  7. Who's at Fault for Oil Spill?

    President Obama grows increasingly frustrated with continuing environmental disaster

  1. Tar Balls Found Off FL Coast

    Latest on Gulf oil spill

  2. War of Words Over Oil Spill

    Scientists from Florida and Georgia are contradicting a government report on how much oil is still in the Gulf

  3. Uncertainty About Oil Spill Size

    Officials admit they don't know how much oil is pumping into Gulf daily

  4. Oil Entering Gulf Loop Current

    Heavy oil seen from chopper for first time across fragile Louisiana wetlands

  5. Government Withheld Oil Spill Information?

    Report claims the government gave a rosier scenario of Gulf tragedy

  6. Is BP Coming Clean About Scope of Oil Spill?

    Report: Company secretly funds Gulf Coast tourism ads as experts fear oil will reach Florida coast within a week

  7. Searching for the Silver Lining

    President Obama promises better times ahead for Gulf region