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Greenhouse Gases

What is it?

Caller asks what 'Cap and Trade' means

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  1. Rove's Review

    Will Copenhagen climate conference help Obama's approval ratings in U.S.?

  2. How to Make Al Gore Proud

    Impress Al Gore with your environmentalism

  3. After the Show Show: 6/24

    'Special Report' panel on ABC News' health care special, Iran, and Gov. Sanford's affair

  4. Aggressive 'Cap and Trade'

    Would Barack Obama's energy policies bankrupt the coal industry and cause energy prices to 'skyrocket'?

  5. Treading Carefully

    Economic implications of President Obama's trip to China

  6. How to Travel Green

    Travel green so you leave the most gentle carbon footprint as your traipse the world.

  7. Obama vs. Coal Miners

    Sen. Obama "bankrupt" comments cause furor among coal miners

  8. Praising McCain?

    New GOP ad highlights Obama's acclaim for McCain's service

  9. Sharing the Wealth

    Was anchor's question for Joe Biden out of line? Former N.Y. Governor George Pataki weighs in

  10. Energy Crunch

    Secretary of Energy Bodman on Bush Cabinet meeting, gridlock over offshore drilling

  11. Power Play: Obama Makes U-Turn on Libya?

    Chris Stirewalt with recents developments regarding Qaddafi and Libya

  12. Blowback from Recess Appointment

    All-Star panel on firestorm over James Cole

  1. 'Utility Rates Will Skyrocket'

    Bill Sammon on what President Obama forgot to mention during his climate bill speech

  2. Reps. Issa, Upton on 'FNS'

    Key Republican lawmakers talk oversight, Eric Holder

  3. Environmental Crackdown?

    Concerns over EPA saying greenhouse gases are a threat to public health

  4. Political Grapevine: 8/4

    Global warming alarmists have their theories questioned from beyond the grave

  5. How To Implement a Four-Day Work Week

    Learn how to talk your company into implementing a four-day work week with the advice in these steps.

  6. Stiff Competition

    Will President Obama's clean energy bill pit U.S. against rest of world?

  7. Greg-alogue: 12/8

    Suppression has been part of global warming science since day one

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