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Global Warming

Rhetoric or Reality?

Obama convinces other leaders at G-8 summit to promise action to fight global warming

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  1. Cost of Climate Change

    How would cap-and-trade system affect you?

  2. Hot Air?

    Global warming debate heats up as President Obama prepares to attend United Nations climate change conference

  3. Legitimate Threat?

    Recently discovered e-mails have many people doubting theory of global warming

  4. Greg-alogue: 12/8

    Suppression has been part of global warming science since day one

  5. The Greg-alogue: 1/30

    Obama and Osama tag team global warming

  6. The Greg-alogue: 2/2

    Why does global warming melt ice but not ignorance?

  7. Settled Science?

    Scientists admit tossing raw data supporting climate change

  8. Warming Up?

    Climate change skeptic Bjorn Lomborg tells Alan where he thinks the threat of global warming lies

  9. 'Not Evil Just Wrong'

    New documentary exposes the 'propaganda fueling global warming hysteria'

  10. 'Illegal Act'

    Climatologist blasts breach of his e-mail account; defends science behind global warming

  11. Demanding Answers

    Researcher suspects NASA manipulated climate change data

  12. 'Climategate'

    E-mails cast doubt on data behind global warming

  1. Global Warming or Cooling?

    Fair and balanced debate on climate change

  2. Outrage Over New Global Warming Video (Warning: Graphic Imagery)

    Climate change PSA shows children being blown up

  3. Climate Change Controversy

    Weather Channel founder wants to sue Al Gore for global warming fraud

  4. Global Warming Bailout?

    Questions at U.N. Climate Change Conference over funding path between U.S. and China

  5. Global Warming Causing Illegal Immigration?

    New study claims crop losses from climate change will cause up to 7 million Mexicans to flood into U.S.

  6. Eco-beauty Tips & Tricks

    Makeup must-haves good for the planet and your beauty routine!

  7. Global Warming Warning

    Researchers warn of possible effects of a warmer planet

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