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Florida Keys Oil Spill

Tar Balls Found Off Florida Coast

Increasing concerns that oil spill may have entered Gulf current

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  1. 'Strategy Room' AM Newsbreak: 5/19

    'Strategy Room' delivers your morning headlines

  1. Tar Balls Found Off FL Coast

    Latest on Gulf oil spill

  2. Tar Balls Not Linked to Spill

    Coast Guard analyzes tar balls

  3. Timeline of Disaster

    Senators challenge Obama administration's actions before and after the Gulf oil spill

  4. Scientists Monitoring Path of Oil Spill

    Scientists predict Gulf oil spill will reach Florida Keys

  5. Tar Balls Found Off Key West

    Coast Guard looks for source as Gulf oil spill spreads

  6. Progress in Oil Spill Containment

    Mile-long tube siphons large amount of leaking oil to tanker from Gulf of Mexico

  7. Heavy Oil Washes Ashore

    Gulf oil reaches Louisiana marshes; U.S., Cuba begin rare cooperative effort