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Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Bailout Bill: The Other White Meat

Is the revised financial rescue bill unconstitutional?

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  1. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/11

    President Obama facing revolt from the left?

  2. Truth About the Gulf Recovery

    Philippe Cousteau, Jr. on what discovery of oil in crab larvae could signal

  3. Uncut: Sarah and Todd Palin, Pt. 2

    Greta's entire interview with former governor and her husband on drilling in Alaska and how it could solve America's energy woes

  4. Oil Spill Solutions Doing More Harm Than Good?

    Scientists believe leak is much worse than reported

  5. Wrong Fight?

    Environmental concerns about offshore drilling, but what's really the greatest source of oil spills?

  6. Cost of Offshore Oil Drilling

    Phillipe Cousteau on Obama's new initiative; potential environmental backlash

  7. 'She Will Do a Fine Job'

    Alaska's Lieutenant Gov. Sean Parnell on Sarah Palin's strengths, what to expect tonight

  8. Liposuction Power

    Beverly Hills doctor turns patients' fat into bio-diesel fuel

  9. Uncertainty About Oil Spill Size

    Officials admit they don't know how much oil is pumping into Gulf daily

  10. Heavy Oil Washes Ashore

    Gulf oil reaches Louisiana marshes; U.S., Cuba begin rare cooperative effort

  1. 70,000 Gallons of Oil Spilling Into Gulf Daily?

    Purdue professor calculates magnitude of oil leak using BP video of underwater pipe

  2. Supreme Question

    Gov. Palin elaborates on Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with

  3. FOX News Exclusive

    Governor Palin sits down with Carl Cameron to discuss her performance in the VP debate, other 2008 issues

  4. Calculating Disaster

    Steve Wereley estimates the amount oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico

  5. Oil Execs Playing Blame Game

    Palin on the Gulf Coast oil spill and parallels to Exxon Valdez

  6. Did Government Try to Silence Gulf Findings?

    Scientists say feds told them not to talk about underwater oil plume in early days of spill

  7. Gulf Coast Politicking?

    Gingrich on Obama traveling to New Orleans to mark Katrina's 5th anniversary and more