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'Storm Chasers' documents crew tracking, predicting twisters

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  1. Hurricane Danielle Gains Strength

    Multiple storms in Atlantic, Pacific as peak of hurricane season arrives

  2. Tsunami Smashes Harbor in California

    Surge destroys boats in Santa Cruz marina

  3. Heavy Rains Trigger Devastating Landslides in California

    Extreme weather demolishes homes

  4. Major Storm Threatens Florida, East Coast

    Tropical storm forms in Caribbean; massive flooding in Minnesota

  5. Qualcomm Stadium Ready for Action

    Crews pump water from rain-soaked field in San Diego

  6. A White Out Christmas

    Blizzard like conditions could hamper travelers in the Mid-West and

  7. Storms Wreak Havoc on East Coast

    Massive storms on the Eastern Seaboard have devastating consequences

  8. Tropical Depression in Atlantic Trails Hurricane Danielle

    Hurricane Frank forms in Pacific while tropical depression 7 joins hurricane Danielle in Atlantic

  9. Violent Storms Batter Florida

    Havoc reported at air show

  10. Hurricane Danielle Quickly Gaining Steam

    Danielle expected to become Category 3 hurricane

  11. Fox Weather Forecast: 12/24

    Maria Molina with today's national weather forecast

  12. Wicked Winter

    East coast braces for a winter punch

  1. Extreme Weather

    U.K. flooding prompts hundreds to evacuate homes

  2. General Electric's Startling Tax Bill Revelation

    G.E. pays low tax bill

  3. Blizzard Warning in Arizona

    Some areas may get 4 feet of snow

  4. Rise of Freedom: Cameras of Project Rebirth

    Rise of Freedom: Cameras of Project Rebirth

  5. Caught on Tape: Flood Washes Away Arizona Home

    Photographer catches fast-moving floodwaters ripping through neighborhood

  6. Twisters Tear Across Arizona

    Three powerful tornadoes leave trail of damage

  7. Harsh Winter Blamed for Weakening Economy?

    Weather impacting global markets?

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