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Environmentally Friendly

Seeing Red Over 'Green Giant'

Controversy over Portland's publicly-funded environmentally friendly building

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  1. The Real Toy Story

    Playful mood at the international toy fair

  2. Drilling Debate

    Environmentalist squares off with Eric Bolling over oil shale plan

  3. Cap and Trade Controversy

    Debate over whether controlling emissions will help or hurt America's farmers

  4. Ford's CEO on 'Your World'

    Top exec Alan Mullaly on automaker's new initiatives, why motor company didn't take bailout

  5. Greenpeace Upset with Facebook

    Did Facebook build an environmentally friendly data center?

  6. Get Great Skin Like a Star

    Get great skin like a celebrity by learning their tricks and using their tricks

  7. Mercury Mariner Hybrid

    If it's good enough for Al Gore...

  8. Mission Accomplished

    Ryan Bowen biked his way across the nation and has arrived in Washington

  9. Hybrid Cheap Chic

    2010 Honda Insight

  10. The State of GM

    An update on General Motors one month after government takeover

  11. Race Against Time

    Congress sends auto bailout plan to White House to get deal done in time for the holidays

  12. Jindal's Take

    Can John McCain jump start the U.S. economy? Gov. Bobby Jindal weighs in

  1. Goat Grazers to the Rescue

    California’s low cost, environmentally friendly way to restore land destroyed by wildfires

  2. 'Styrofoam Dan' Under Fire for Cost-Cutting Cups, Forks

    Rep. Dan Lungren welcomes Democrats' attacks

  3. Light Bulb Legislation Sparks Debate

    Lawmakers look to repeal energy-saving law

  4. End Near for Traditional Light Bulbs

    Do mandated standards infringe on personal freedom?

  5. Beck: Media Slow to Cover Shortages

    As pressures mount, will world turn on America?

  6. McDonald's Goes Green

    30-year-old store gets green facelift

  7. Thursday's Halftime Report, Part 2

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

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