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Electric Cars

Fox Car Report: Volvo C30 Electric

Volvo taking big step in clean driving

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  1. Lighting Rod

    Tesla Roadster

  2. Beck: With Apologies to General Motors

    Is G.M. on the road to recovery?

  3. The Most Interesting Car in The World drives the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

  4. Fox Car Report LIVE! 8/26

    Exclusive interview with General Motors President Mark Reuss on the company's future and the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe

  5. Battery Caddy

    Cadillac Converj electric car reportedly gets the green light

  6. 230 MPG?

    General Motors sets the Chevy Volt's fuel economy bar high... maybe too high. The FOX Car Report LIVE! panel debates.

  7. Fox Car Report LIVE! 8/12

    GM invests in a Bright Idea, Caddy builds a super coupe and Audi's R8 gets a V10

  8. Family Car of the Future?

    Fox Car Report drives the 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car

  9. Nissan Plugs In

    Mark Perry talks about the automaker's electric car plans

  10. Road Reliable?

    Ed Begley Jr. makes the case for Toyota's new electric car concept

  11. Forbes on Fox: Squeezed at the Grocery Store

    President's new ethanol push fuels food price-spike fears

  12. Do You Believe in iMiEV?

    Autoblog's Alex Nunez on Mitsubishi's Electric Cars

  1. Fox Car Report LIVE! 8/19

    Coda Automotive President and CEO Kevin Czinger shows off his U.S.-made electric car

  2. Nissan Rolls Out Electric Car

    Car maker hopes drivers will trade the pump for the plug

  3. An Electric Car That Actually Looks Like One

    Fox Car Report tests the Mitsubishi i- MiEV

  4. Electric Cars : Niche or Revolution?

    A look at the newest electric cars made available to the public

  5. Fox Car Report LIVE! 7/29

    McLaren Automotive North America Regional Director Tony Joseph talks about his company's upcoming supercar, the MP4-12C

  6. Chevy Volt First Drive

    Fox Car Report drives GM's great electric hope

  7. The Electric Volvo of the Future

    Fox Car Report drives the Volvo C30 Electric

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