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Chinese Energy Conservation

Obama Offers Condolences to Japan, Addresses U.S. Energy Policy

President pledges disaster aid and talks domestic oil

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  1. Fiorina vs. Boxer

    Fmr. Hewlett-Packard CEO takes on the California senator for her handling of Climate-gate; is challenging her for Senate seat

  2. Bulls & Bears: Drill, Baby, Drill?

    Can domestic energy exploration wean America off imported oil?

  3. The One Thing: 1/28

    Less mouth, more math: Obama's State of the Union is proof he needs to look at the numbers

  4. President to Push for New Spending?

    Sen. Coons on president's push for 'green' projects funding

  5. Presidential Association

    What are the first words that come to mind when you think of Barack Obama and John McCain?

  6. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense