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Emergency Landing

Emergency Landing at JFK

Passenger video catches landing gear malfunction

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  1. Midair Crash

    Chopper pilot on collision of tour helicopter and plane over Hudson River

  2. Animal Crossing

    British pilot hits cow during emergency landing

  3. Safe in the Skies?

    Captain Sully on safety of air travel in America

  4. Suit or Settlement?

    Can passengers of Flight 1549 sue US Airways?

  5. Plane Lands on Highway

    Emergency landing on NJ Turnpike

  6. 'Brace for Hard Impact'

    Pilot prepared passengers for emergency landing into water

  7. Hero Pilot Ditches in Lake Erie

    Pilot safely crash lands small plane; passengers rescued by passing ferry

  8. Airline Pilot Hailed as a Hero

    All but one passenger survived crash

  9. E-Mail Trail

    Neighbor of missing pilot accused of fraud received mysterious message after his disappearance

  10. Emergency Landing in Florida

    Delta engine failure

  11. United Jet Catches Fire After Flying Without Repairs

    Passenger jet's maintenance record questioned

  12. River Rescue

    Shepard Smith breaks down incredible story US Airways crash landing

  1. Passengers Capture Video of Emergency Landing

    Men document scene inside Delta flight with cell phone

  2. Dramatic Video Inside Plane During Emergency Landing

    Flight attendant instructs passengers during emergency landing at JFK airport

  3. Plane Lands on Turnpike

    Airplane makes emergency landing on New Jersey Turnpike

  4. Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing

    244 Passengers disembark in Mumbai

  5. Miraculous Emergency Landing at JFK

    Passenger praises flight crew for navigating plane to safety despite landing gear problems

  6. Survival 101

    What should you do if your plane makes an emergency landing ?

  7. Emergency Landing at JFK

    Passenger describes terrifying scene

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