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Young Voters

Tough Questions From Young Voters

President Obama defends record to young Americans

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  1. Youth Agenda

    After months of enthusiasm, will young voters actually turn out on Nov. 4?

  2. Youth Vote

    How are young voters informing themselves about the election?

  3. Going Green?

    Tiffany Wilson on young voters' views of the environment

  4. Key Voters?

    Tiffany Wilson talks with young voters in Pennsylvania Dutch country

  5. Seacrest Interview to Get Votes?

    Former Clinton special assistant Richard Socarides on President Obama's attempt to reach young voters

  6. Ballot Buster

    Are Democrats taking the youth vote for granted? President of Young Democrats of America weighs in

  7. Media's Midterm Madness

    Panel weighs in on election coverage

  8. Exit Polls: Ohio

    Young voters , independents helped Obama defeat McCain in the Buckeye State

  9. Why the 'Comedian-in-Chief'?

    A look at why President Obama sat with Jon Stewart and how he fared

  10. Youth Vote

    Will record number of young registered voters translate into actual votes?

  11. Exit Polls: Virginia

    Black, new voters helped Obama turn Virginia blue

  12. Casting Call for President's MTV Town Hall

    Potential audience members asked about political views and photos

  1. Can Obama get young voters to polls?

    Can the president rally young voters behind Democrats in November?

  2. Are Young Voters Cooling to Obama's Charms?

    President tries to shore up youth vote

  3. Reaching Out to Young Voters

    Dems try to rally youth as polls show young Republicans anxious to vote

  4. President's Pitch to Young Voters

    Can Obama rally key demographic that helped put him in office?

  5. High-Stakes Elections

    Are media mixing the message?

  6. America's Election HQ: Energizing the Youth Vote

    How will young voters impact midterm elections?

  7. Youth Vote in Elections

    What impact will young voters have in November?

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