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Women Voters

Reaching Out to Women Voters

How can women become more politically active?

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  1. The Palin Factor

    Did John McCain's VP pick help or hurt his campaign?

  2. Fair and Balanced?

    PBS anchor Gwen Ifill to release glowing book on Barack Obama

  3. Palin's Pledge

    GOP vice presidential candidate introduces proposals to help special needs children

  4. Setback for Females in Politics?

    USA Today says midterms may reduce number of women in Congress

  5. History in the Making

    Howard Wolfson and Michael Steele weigh in on the significance of the 2008 election

  6. Get Rid of Gwen

    Former GOP Congressman John Hostettler wants to kick Ifill out as moderator of VP debate

  7. Ups and Downs

    Iran is 'down' after their two-day show of force testing missiles

  1. Tribute to Geraldine Ferraro

    Huckabee honors the first female vice-presidential candidate

  2. What Women Want

    Which presidential ticket is more sensitive to women's concerns?

  3. Obama's Debut on 'The View'

    President challenged by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on job saving claims

  4. 'Steel Travels' to East Greenville

    Pennsylvania town uses piece of World Trade Center in 9/11 memorial

  5. Where Will Common Ground Begin?

    Juan Williams weighs in on challenges facing President Obama and new Congress

  6. Texas Showdown

    Governor race heats up in the Lone Star State

  7. 'Hell to Pay'

    Bart Stupak's fight to keep abortion amendment in health care bill