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Voting Machines

Problematic Voting Machines ?

GOP voices concern over touch-screen voting machines in North Carolina

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  1. Prediction Time

    The 'Beltway Boys' place their bets on electoral and popular votes

  2. Polling Preparations

    What is being done to make sure polling centers stay accurate during early voting?

  3. Early Voting Chaos

    Early voting hours extended to cater to high voter turnout

  4. Mock Election

    One Florida community is doing a dry run of the voting process to avoid any snafus on the actual day

  5. Beck: Time to Decide

    'Twas the night before the election

  1. Voter Concerns

    Where are Election Day trouble spots?

  2. Voter Discrimination?

    NAACP sues Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine over election readiness in African-American areas

  3. Voter Intimidation?

    Nightstick-wielding men block Philadelphia polling station

  4. Sharron Angle on 'Hannity'

    Tea Party favorite leads Harry Reid in polls

  5. Voter Fraud Watch

    Do poll watchers maintain voter integrity or intimidate voters?

  6. Drama at the Polls?

    Rick Leventhal reports on alleged voter intimidation in Pennsylvania

  7. Protecting Your Vote?

    New voting procedures put in place to prevent election mishaps