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Voter Fraud

If you suspect voter fraud where you live, tell us your story at

Voter Fraud Fears

Monitoring the election and preventing voter fraud

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  1. Vote Early, Vote Often

    Does early voting increase chances of voter fraud ?

  2. On the Trail's Tiffany Wilson and Shelby Holiday uncover voter fraud in Ohio

  3. Every Vote Counts... 6 Times?

    Regular citizens expose rampant voter fraud

  4. Friends in High Places?

    Wall Street Journal reports lawyers supervising voter fraud investigation are Obama donors

  5. Take Away Students' Right to Vote?

    Bill would prevent students from voting in their college town

  6. Running Scared?

    Another politician accused of voter fraud

  7. Impartial Guardians?

    Can the Justice Department make sure we get a fair and free election?

  8. Calling It Quits?

    Milwaukee disbands voter fraud unit

  9. Will Fraud Allegations Lead to Recounts?

    Are some politicians mulling recounts?

  10. 'Rough Tactics'

    New revelations about Obama and ACORN group. Did the group have a role in financial crisis?

  11. ACORN Association

    What ties does Barack Obama have to one of the largest radical groups in America?

  12. Playing Favorites?

    Did The New York Times kill a story linking President Obama and ACORN?

  1. Ohio Voter Fraud

    Dennis Kucinich on possible voter fraud in Ohio

  2. Voter Fraud Watch

    Do poll watchers maintain voter integrity or intimidate voters?

  3. Voter Fraud Alleged in Tight Missouri Race

    Missouri Republican candidate for Congress demands investigation into voter fraud after narrowly losing election

  4. Voter Fraud ?

    What is the impact of disputed Afghan election on war strategy?

  5. Voter Fraud Allegations Running Rampant

    What is the Justice Department doing to keep the system in check?

  6. Absentee Voter Fraud Concerns

    Questions about security and accuracy of absentee ballots

  7. Investigating Fraud

    Justice Department asked to look at possible voter fraud in Ohios

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