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SNL Sarah Palin

'SNL' Field Trip

Creator and head writer of 'Saturday Night Live' discuss influence their show is having on presidential election

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  1. 'Not Ruling It Out'

    Sarah Palin on running for higher office in future

  2. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  3. Show and Tell

    Do debates reveal candidates' real character? Adm. Stockdale's son responds

  4. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Falling groomsman stops wedding

  5. Left Behind?

    Liberal media turning up the heat on President Obama

  6. The One Thing: 10/14

    Promise vs. performance in the Obama administration

  7. Most Influential?

    Who in the media has had the biggest impact on the 2008 race?

  8. The Underdog

    What is the key to the Underdog winning the White House?

  9. Crossing the Line?

    Was Democratic Senate candidate Al Franker behind 'SNL' Palin incest skit?

  10. Click This!

    Courtney Friel: Gov. Sarah Palin responds to Tina Fey

  11. Reality Check

    Actress Ashley Judd is not a fan of the McCain- Palin ticket

  12. 'Obama Girl' Losing Love for President

    Amber Lee Ettinger no longer crushing on Obama

  1. Palin Obsession

    Media continues attacking and mocking Gov. Sarah Palin

  2. Geraldine Ferraro on Sarah Palin

    Former VP candidate gives advice to McCain's former running mate about her upcoming speech at tea party convention

  3. Did Palin Perform?

    Geraldine Ferraro explains why she thinks Palin won't be able to gain undecided votes

  4. Setting the Record Straight

    Sarah Palin opens up about 2008 election in media malpractice documentary

  5. Reality Check

    'Saturday Night Live' takes shot at FOX News

  6. Always a 'Star' in Palin's Book

    Former governor in L.A. to cheer on daughter Bristol on 'Dancing With the Stars'

  7. High Anxiety?

    Geraldine Ferraro on what Gov. Palin and Joe Biden are up against at first VP debate

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