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Rasmussen Poll

'Off-the-Charts Low'

New Rasmussen Poll shows dwindling support for Illinois governor

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  1. House Set to Begin Health Care Challenge

    GOP looking to reset debate after pausing out of respect for Arizona shooting victims

  2. Wordplay In Washington

    Republicans change phrasing regarding health care bill after Tucson tragedy

  3. Did Gov. Scott Walker Win Wisconsin Union Battle?

    Panel on collective bargaining outcome

  4. Herman Cain Takes on Obama's Response to Wisconsin Protests

    Former Godfather Pizza CEO on the president, union protests in Madison

  5. Ann Coulter on NPR CEO's Resignation, Undercover Video, Part 1

    Conservative columnist sounds off

  6. Labor Unions vs. Governors

    An increasing number of states battle over bargaining rights

  7. Wisconsin GOP's Surprise Move

    GOP bypasses democrats, cuts collective bargaining rights for public workers

  8. Do Americans Really Want Massive Spending Cuts?

    Pollster Frank Luntz on how people feel about slashing the budget

  9. Wisconsin Appeals Court Opts Against Overruling Union Law

    Sen. Ron Johnson weighs in on latest development in legal battle

  10. Ohio Dem.: Anti-Union Measure 'Shameful'

    State House Minority Leader Rep. Armond Budish speaks out against new law

  11. Examining President Obama's Leadership

    Talking Points: 3/30

  12. Does U.S. Need Stricter Gun Control Laws?

    Poll: Over half of Americans don't believe stronger measures are needed following Arizona shooting

  1. Rasmussen Reports !

    Scott Rasmussen breaks down the polls!

  2. Not Buying It?

    New Rasmussen polls reveal how most Americans feel about health care reform

  3. A Texas-Sized Abortion Debate

    Should a sonogram be required for an abortion?

  4. Super Bowl Sunday Traditions

    It's a lot more than a game

  5. Health Care Debate Reignited

    House Republicans set stage for repeal vote

  6. Most Influential President in 50 Years?

    Rasmussen takes the pulse of America

  7. Who Do You Trust?

    New poll finds surprising results on Americans' confidence on 10 key issues

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