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Presidential Election

'SNL' Field Trip

Creator and head writer of 'Saturday Night Live' discuss influence their show is having on presidential election

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  1. Financial Failure

    'The Journal Editorial Report' revisits the biggest stories of 2008

  2. 'A Little Happiness'

    Musician Aimee Allen on her new album

  3. Rove's Review

    Former Bush adviser on Palin's resignation and Obama's massive spending

  4. Backlash for Boycott?

    Group targeted for boycotting 'Oprah' over Palin diss

  5. Cause and Effect

    Dow dives as Congress votes on bailout bill

  6. Friends? It 'Depends'

    Old pals John McCain and John Kerry at odds

  7. Democrats' History of Dishonesty

    Blumenthal's blunder not the first time a Democrat has fabricated their service record

  8. Bizarre Interview

    Carrie Prejean threatens to walk off 'Larry King Live' set

  9. Stirring up the GOP

    Former Senator Bob Dole (R-KS) tells Alan why he wants the Republican Party to support health care reform.

  10. Sens. Lieberman, Bayh

    McCain and Obama supporters debate whether Iraq timeline would be helpful or not

  11. Does Your Vote Matter?

    Group aims to reform Electoral College to make all states equal in presidential contests

  12. Uncut: Candidate Trump in 2012?

    Real estate mogul on running for president in 2012, speaking at CPAC and which of the last four presidents he admires most

  1. Newt Gingrich Talks Policy and Presidential Politics

    Former speaker of the House on 'Fox News Sunday'

  2. Possible Republican Candidates Test Water in Iowa

    Six potential contenders head to the Hawkeye State

  3. Election Watch Heats Up in Iowa for Republicans

    GOP hopefuls to attend forum to showcase conservatism

  4. Who to Watch for in 2012

    Midterms are right around the corner, but some are already thinking of 2012

  5. 'Taliban Dan' Ad Under Fire

    Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson coming under heavy criticism for taking GOP opponent's words out of context

  6. Where Are the 2012 Candidates?

    Republicans have yet to announce plans to run for president

  7. Ghosts of Obama's Past

    Rev. Wright and William Ayers back in the headlines with post-election critiques

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