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Pennsylvania Primary

Keystone State Turnover

Pennsylvania prepares for new representation in Senate after Tuesday's primaries

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  1. Change for All?

    Sen. Bob Casey explains why he thinks Obama will take the Keystone State

  2. Sestak Sweeps Specter From Office

    Joe Sestak explains victory in Pennsylvania primary

  3. Bait and Switch?

    Dick Morris' take on possibility Obama will tax health care benefits

  1. Specter vs. Sestak

    Pennsylvania Democratic primary heats up

  2. Sestak: 'I Can't Favor the Wealthy'

    Battle heats up in Washington over expiring tax cuts

  3. Keystone Stumbles?

    Pennsylvania secretary of state on reports of voter problems in the Keystone State

  4. Voter Anger Runs Rampant in Pennsylvania

    Citizens in Keystone State fed up with current state of politics

  5. If Election Were Held Today

    Because You Asked: Bill Hemmer breaks down the numbers

  6. Advantage Obama?

    New polls show Barack Obama ahead in battleground states

  7. Toomey Rejects 'Extreme' Label

    Fires back at Democratic opponent for Pennsylvania Senate seat