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Mary Matalin

Press Politics

Part 2 of Mary Matalin and Howard Wolfson's analysis of the mainstream media's coverage of Obama, McCain

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  1. Media Love Affair?

    Is McCain being ignored by an Obama-loving mainstream press? Former Bush adviser Mary Matalin and former Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson weigh in

  2. 'We Were Wrong'

    Democratic congressman admits party fault for support of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. Former Bush adviser Mary Matalin responds

  3. Pat Caddell

    Former Carter pollster on Obama administration and health care reform

  4. Off Limits

    Vatican denies 'Da Vinci' sequel filmmakers access to churches

  5. Dr. Manny on Imus

    Dr. Manny discusses the new mammogram recommendations and other heath headlines on "Imus in the Morning"