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Joe The Plumber

Plundering 'the Plumber'

Joe Wurzelbacher becomes media target

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  1. 'Tito the Builder'

    Tito Munoz says attacks on 'Joe the Plumber' and Governor Palin are unfair

  2. Joe Miller's Message: 'Don't Count the Tea Party Out'

    Former U.S. Senate candidate on new PAC, Tea Party movement

  3. Spreading the Wealth at School

    Colleges look to levy wealthier students

  4. 'Economic Justice'

    2001 interview sheds light on Barack Obama's economic ideas

  5. Unclogging the Plumber

    Karl Rove weighs in on 'Joe the Plumber's' effect on McCain's campaign

  6. Comeback Kid

    John McCain's campaign journey

  7. Prejudice against Palin?

    Newt Gingrich's take on whether misquote in CNN interview reflects media bias

  8. 'Distressing and Disgusting'

    Attorney for firefighter who sued over discrimination reacts to campaign against her client

  9. Talking Points: 8/13

    NBC News once again rises up to help President Obama

  10. Focus on Middle Class

    Indiana Senator Even Bayh defends Obama's tax plan

  11. The Journal Editorial Report 10/30

    Michael Barone breaks down emerging midterm trends

  12. A Look Back

    A year-end wrap-up of political highs and lows of 2008

  1. Potential Plans

    'Joe the Plumber' discusses his views for the future of America

  2. Redistribute This!

    Gibson speaks with Joe 'the Plumber' Wurzelbacher about the Obama 'socialist' NPR interview

  3. Invasion of Privacy?

    Why is a Democrat looking into 'Joe the Plumber's' personal life?

  4. Destructive Vote?

    'Joe the Plumber' backs claim that Obama would bring 'death to Israel'

  5. FOX News Flash: On the Record

    'Joe the Plumber' goes to Israel as war reporter

  6. Probing the Plumber

    Government computers used to find info on 'Joe the Plumber'

  7. 'I Pray She Does Well'

    Joe the Plumber reacts to Sarah Palin's resignation

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