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Hispanic Voters

Obama's Strategy For Dealing With The New Congress

President Obama's goals and best strategies for dealing with the new Congress

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  1. Boxer, Fiorina Make Final Push

    Few days remain in California Senate Race

  2. House Speaker Hopeful Blasts Obama

    Rep. Boehner goes after president over 'enemies' comment

  3. The Journal Editorial Report 11/6

    Former and future Indiana Republican Senator Dan Coats on what will be different

  4. 2010 Census And The Latin Community

    How will census results affect the 2012 presidential election?

  5. 'Rising Star With Almost Unlimited Potential'

    America's Election HQ panel discusses biggest results of the night

  6. 12 Things The New RNC Chairman Needs To Do Right Now

    What Reince Priebus needs to do

  7. Time to Tackle Illegal Immigration

    How will the GOP approach immigration debate in the new Congress?

  8. Inside the Exit Polls

    All-Star panel on what motivated voters on Election Day

  9. California Democrats Take Over

    Unlike many states, the balance of power shifted to the left in California

  10. David Plouffe on 'FNS'

    Obama campaign manager on his candidate's plans to seal the deal

  11. Palin: 'I'm Going to Call It As I See It'

    Sarah Palin on SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan, endorsing Carly Fiorina and women in politics

  12. Harry Reid Attacking Hispanics?

    Senate majority leader makes controversial comment about political affiliation of minority

  1. Key Voting Bloc

    Which presidential candidate will win the Latino vote ?

  2. Border Battle

    Congress gears up for another shot at the hotly debated topic of immigration reform

  3. Calls to Cut Public Spending Grow Louder

    Marco Rubio on outcry in wake of California city's discovery of overpaid officials

  4. Latte Liberals?

    'Hannity's America' special report: Key voter groups that will swing the presidential election

  5. Increased Anxiety?

    Is the GOP worried about losing once-reliable Latino votes? Sen. Martinez weighs in

  6. Candidate Rubio Interview

    Florida US Republican candidate Marco Rubio Interview

  7. Rendell: Sestak Can and Probably Will Win

    Pa. governor says voter turnout has been greatly underestimated in Senate race

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