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Presidential or Pompous?

Karl Rove's take on Obama's confidence in a victory

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  1. Polling the Polls

    Why nationwide presidential polls vary so much every single day

  2. Bill and Barack

    President Clinton campaigns with Obama for first time

  3. Examining President Obama's Leadership

    Talking Points: 3/30

  4. The Journal Editorial Report: 03/26/11

    The Journal Editorial Report: 03/26/11

  5. President's Approach in Libya vs. Middle East

    Obama keeping distance from most demonstrations

  6. Health Care and the 2012 Election

    Political impact of Obamacare on presidential race

  7. Ups and Downs

    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are 'down' after blocking votes on oil drilling

  8. Good Book

    'Green Bible' produced with recycled paper, soy inks

  9. Falling Approval Ratings

    What do Americans think of Obama's leadership?

  10. Rick Davis on 'FNS'

    McCain campaign manager on whether GOP presidential nominee can mount one more remarkable comeback

  11. Star Power

    Did McCain's ad comparing Obama to the likeness of Paris and Britney hit the mark or go too far? Karl Rove weighs in

  12. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  1. Afghanistan Strategy

    Debate over what President Obama should do in the war overseas that began eight years ago

  2. Beckel in Strategy Room, Pt. 2

    Beckel: Can you change a racist voter's mind?

  3. Unsupported Plan?

    Opposition to Obama's program to ease unemployment epidemic

  4. Rove on White House Race

    Karl Rove's take on the state of Obama vs. McCain today

  5. Presumptuous Nominee?

    Report: Obama sees himself as 'symbol of possibility'

  6. Breaking Down the Polls

    Pollster John Zogby joins Alan to discuss Obama's surge in the polls and what it will take for McCain to come back

  7. Final Push

    Newt Gingrich on what McCain should do in last two weeks of election

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