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  1. Donald Trump a Contender for 2012?

    Karl Rove says there is no Republican frontrunner

  2. Mexico Violence Crosses the Border?

    Stray bullets paralyze El Paso neighborhood, but how widespread is the cartel war in Mexico becoming?

  3. Lonely Race for GOP Presidential Nomination

    2012 field slow to take shape

  4. Dennis Miller's Debt Solution

    Funnyman's idea to get America out of the hole

  5. Globes' Winners and Losers

    Hollywood heavies go toe to toe

  6. Power Play with Chris Stirewalt Digital Politics Editor on the latest edition of the Power Play blog

  7. Jeb Bush For Senate?

    Jeb Bush could make a move for 2012 seat

  8. Primary Day in 3 States

    Voters in Florida, Arizona, Alaska head to polls in key primary elections

  9. 'Right-Wing Forces' Attacking Rep. Frank?

    MA representative on House race

  10. Looking Forward to 2011

    What stories will bring excitement and intrigue in the coming year?

  11. Special Report

    Tuesday 6pm ET: The Race for 2012! Is Jim DeMint's Tea Party backing enough to put him in the Oval Office?

  12. Top Republican Fights for His Job

    Michael Steele battles candidates looking to take the job of RNC chairman

  1. GOP Presidential Race Heats Up

    Republican contenders emerge in the battle for the Republican nomination

  2. The Hill Report: Deficit Woes

    Can the U.S. afford military involvement in Libya?

  3. SAG Awards and Fox 411 Headlines

    Allison McGevna joins us to give the inside scoop on the winners and losers from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

  4. 'American Idol' Recap: The Top Thirteen Perform

    Who rocked the house and who fell flat on 'Idol'

  5. Where Are the 2012 Candidates?

    Republicans have yet to announce plans to run for president

  6. This Week on Fox News Sunday

    NJ Gov. Chris Christie & GOP front runner Tim Pawlenty

  7. Iowa Losing Its Place in Presidential Politics?

    Moderates may skip caucus in Hawkeye State

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