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Fox News Poll on Key Senate Races

Forecaster on battleground states

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  1. Breaking for Barack?

    FOX News polling director breaks down latest FOX News poll numbers that show Obama regaining ground

  2. Karl Rove on Obama's Slipping Poll Numbers

    New Fox News poll shows disapproval with presidents handling of top issues

  3. Number Crunching

    Does new FOX News poll offer hope to McCain campaign?

  4. Talking Points: 10/30

    Why McCain continues to run behind Obama

  5. Unsupported Plan?

    Opposition to Obama's program to ease unemployment epidemic

  6. Breaking Down the Polls

    Pollster John Zogby joins Alan to discuss Obama's surge in the polls and what it will take for McCain to come back

  7. Rove on White House Race

    Karl Rove's take on the state of Obama vs. McCain today

  8. Presumptuous Nominee?

    Report: Obama sees himself as 'symbol of possibility'

  9. Final Push

    Newt Gingrich on what McCain should do in last two weeks of election

  10. Afghanistan Strategy

    Debate over what President Obama should do in the war overseas that began eight years ago

  11. Presidential or Pompous?

    Karl Rove's take on Obama's confidence in a victory

  12. State of the Union Carries Big Expectations

    Critics argue it takes more than change in tone to reduce the debt

  1. Beckel in Strategy Room, Pt. 2

    Beckel: Can you change a racist voter's mind?

  2. Polling the Polls

    Why nationwide presidential polls vary so much every single day

  3. Tea Not for Two?

    Gov. Rendell and Bill O'Reilly debate Howard Dean's claims that the Tea Party alienates American voters

  4. House Republicans Repeal Obamacare

    All-Star panel reacts to GOP's determination despite Senate obstacle

  5. Poll-arizing Effect

    Karl Rove assesses the danger of relying too much on the polls

  6. Rossi-Murray Debate

    Washington Senate candidates spar over Bush tax cuts, government’s role

  7. No Bounce for Obama

    FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll finds Obama's overseas trip has not translated into votes here at home

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