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Election Results

Political Power Couple on Election Results , New Book

James Baker III and wife Susan on 'Fox & Friends'

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  1. Analyzing the Outcome

    Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North and Alan discuss the election results and the attention being given to the war in Afghanistan.

  2. Perino: 'Midterm Elections Are Always About the President'

    Former White House Press Secretary explains why election results may mean Obama needs to 'swallow a big dose of humble pie'

  3. 'Angry America'

    How will Europe view U.S. election results and Obama?

  4. Obama: 'We Must Find Common Ground'

    President holds news conference on election results

  5. More Money, More Problems

    Election results prove money does not mean victory

  6. President Obama to Welcome GOP Ideas?

    What do election results mean for the president's agenda?

  7. Sarah Palin in No Spin Zone

    Former governor of Alaska slams corrupt media, predicts election results

  8. Done Deal?

    Iranian expert on election results

  9. Fast Counters?

    Ed Rollins on Iran's election results !

  10. View From Iraq

    Iraqis eagerly awaiting U.S. election results

  11. Scary Politics

    Political costumes all the rage this Halloween, can they possibly predict election results ?

  12. 'Definitive Victory'

    Iran's supreme leader defends election results , warns protesters

  1. No New Vote

    Iran's top electoral body refuses to annul election results

  2. Realignment or Protest Election?

    Do election results represent electorate's shift to the left or referendum on Bush presidency?

  3. Insider Exclusive: Sean Hannity

    The Insider caught up with Sean Hannity in the midst of Fox News Channel’s election coverage. See what Sean thinks about the Tea Party's role in the election and what President Obama's reaction to the election results will be.

  4. Obama Referendum?

    Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on what election results mean for the future

  5. Texas' Political Landscape

    Lone Star State residents react to election results

  6. Obama on Dem Loses: It Feels Bad

    President discusses election results

  7. Sen. Dorgan: 'Find Best Ideas of Both Parties'

    Retiring Democrat on what his party needs to take from election results

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