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  1. Government-Run Health Care?

    Key Democrat is confident health care reform will pass with a 'public option'

  2. Rating the Debate

    Obama and McCain camps react to their candidates' performances at the vice presidential showdown

  3. Unfilled Dream

    A caller suggests racism is alive and well

  4. Interrogation Controversy

    O'Reilly debates Christopher Hitchens about torture and water-boarding

  1. Who's Afraid of Bill O'Reilly?

    'View' co-hosts bolt from set during New York mosque debate

  2. Liberal Media's Dilemma Covering Obama's Libya Decision

    Bernie Goldberg on how press will report on controversial invasion

  3. Fairness Doctrine Fight

    Michael Reagan reacts to liberal push to silence conservative voices

  4. Palin's Poll Numbers Fall After Arizona Shootings

    Dick Morris on former governor taking a hit after Tucson tragedy

  5. Rep. Kucinich Speaks Out Against Libya Invasion

    Congressman angry Obama didn't get congressional approval

  6. GOP vs. Obamacare

    All-Star panel on Republican efforts to de-fund health care overhaul

  7. Joe Miller on Tightening Senate Race in Alaska

    Tea Party favorite faces challenge from write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski