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African-American Voters

Ann Coulter on Predictions of GOP Blowout

Conservative columnist reacts to new polls

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  1. Rick Davis on 'FNS'

    McCain campaign manager on whether GOP presidential nominee can mount one more remarkable comeback

  2. Tipping the Scale?

    Was McCain's NAACP speech enough to court the black vote ? Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Steele weigh in

  3. Inside the Exit Polls

    All-Star panel on what motivated voters on Election Day

  4. The Closer

    Obama's sitting pretty in the polls, but can he finish strong on Election Day?

  5. Super Tuesday: Winners and Losers

    What the primaries mean for Democrats, the GOP and the Tea Party Movement

  6. October Surprise in Sunshine State

    Marco Rubio asks about White House connection to flap over Florida Senate race

  7. Number Crunching

    Should voters trust polls ahead of election?

  8. Rev. Jesse Jackson Live 'On the Record'

    Civil rights activist gives Greta his mea culpa for Obama remarks

  9. Hit or Miss?

    Former Jesse Jackson campaign manager Ron Daniels breaks down Obama's speech to the NAACP

  10. Democrat Deluge?

    Democratic Party is banking on a big win in the Senate

  11. All Eyes on Indiana

    Karl Rove says Hoosier State will be important early indicator in presidential election

  12. Total Majority?

    A look at several controversial Senate races that could mean Democrats dominate Capitol Hill

  1. Days Dwindle Until Illinois Mayoral Election

    Candidates make a last minute push

  2. Running Scared?

    Another politician accused of voter fraud

  3. Rendell: Sestak Can and Probably Will Win

    Pa. governor says voter turnout has been greatly underestimated in Senate race

  4. Let's Make a Deal!

    Nicolle Wallace, former McCain-Palin senior advisor, on the Crist/Meeks deal!

  5. Race Relations Declining in America

    Why has the racial divide gotten worse since Obama was elected president?

  6. David Plouffe on 'FNS'

    Obama campaign manager on his candidate's plans to seal the deal

  7. Voter Discrimination?

    NAACP sues Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine over election readiness in African-American areas

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