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Absentee Voting

Absentee Voter Fraud Concerns

Questions about security and accuracy of absentee ballots

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  1. Illinois Probed Over Absentee Ballots

    Justice Department investigating whether state sent ballots to troops on time

  2. Battleground Blitz

    Gov. Crist extends early voting hours as battle for Florida continues

  3. 'Stealing Elections'

    Does early voting increase risk of voter fraud?

  4. Obama on 'The Daily Show': The Grades Are In

    Did Obama's sitdown with Jon Stewart prove he's losing support in his base?

  5. Stealing Ohio?

    Former Ohio secretary of state weighs in on voting troubles

  6. On the Trail's Tiffany Wilson and Shelby Holiday uncover voter fraud in Ohio

  7. David Plouffe on 'FNS'

    Obama campaign manager on his candidate's plans to seal the deal

  8. 'A Lot of Mistakes Being Made'

    Election law expert explains what litigation could tangle the presidential race

  9. Vote Early

    Report: Nearly 40 percent of Floridians have already cast their ballots

  10. Prediction Time

    The 'Beltway Boys' place their bets on electoral and popular votes

  11. Youth Vote

    Will record number of young registered voters translate into actual votes?

  12. Is Military Voting Act Working?

    Because You Asked: Current status of military absentee ballots

  1. Early Voting

    What are the possible problems of early voting ?

  2. Fox Flash: Meatball Meltdown


  3. Race to 270

    Presidential 'architect' Karl Rove breaks down his electoral map

  4. Military Absentee Ballots

    Are votes really being counted?

  5. Early Voting Starts in Nevada

    Voters begin to cast their ballots in the Silver State

  6. How Crucial Is Early Voting ?

    Will midterms hinge on sunrise ballots?

  7. Millions of Americans Cast Ballots in Early Voting

    59 percent of Colorado voters have permanent mail-in requests

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