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9/11 Commission

9 /11 Commission Leaders Warn of Homegrown Terror

Report says feds slow to recognize new threat, 'stumbling blindly' to respond

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  1. On The Job Training?

    Michael Scheuer on the Panetta appointment!

  2. Importance of Early Detection

    Stephen Baldwin on breast cancer awareness

  3. 'Capitalism' Clash

    Hannity goes one-on-one with Michael Moore on new documentary

  4. 'Able Danger': Defense Department Cover-up?

    Exclusive: Documents raise questions about intelligence project

  5. Rethinking 9/11 Trial

    What are options now that White House considers moving 9/11 trials outside NYC?

  6. Caller of the Day!

    Greg from NJ on Eric Holder!

  7. Search and Seizure

    DHS reveals travelers' laptops may be detained at border

  8. Bottom Line

    GOP lawmakers call for 'national commission' on financial crisis

  9. Fallout From Leak of Secret Military Reports

    Sen. Kit Bond reacts to leak of secret military reports

  10. 'Operation Dark Heart' a Threat to National Security?

    Pentagon uses taxpayer dollars to burn copies of U.S. veteran's book

  11. Changing Terror Threat

    New report says Islamic radicals are shifting their priorities

  12. Post 9/11 GI Bill Leaves Vets Hanging

    Will Obama push Congress for a fix?

  1. New Report on Air Security

    International flights could be a danger

  2. Fake 'Marines' Busted By Border Patrol

    13 illegals caught at checkpoint

  3. Is Libya Our National Interest? Part 2

    Radio host Bill Bennett on president's address on Libya

  4. What Went Wrong?

    What caused the '08 banking meltdown?

  5. Nine Years After 9/11 Are We Safer?

    Report: America faces changing security threat at home

  6. Progress Made Since '93 Terror Attack?

    Is America doing enough now to prevent next terror attack?

  7. Safety First

    A look at the steps taken to keep the president-elect safe at inauguration

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