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El Salvador

Fight of His Life

Fight Game: Harrowing true story of MMA fighter Roger Huerta

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  1. Should President Travel During Time of Crisis?

    Message of Obama's South American tour?

  2. Political Fallout From Decision to Strike Libya

    Karl Rove weighs in on mixed messages from White House

  3. The Russians Are Coming

    Russian warships steam for Venezuela for maneuvers

  4. Sen. McCain: 'Their Policies Have Been a Total Disaster'

    Sen. John McCain takes on Obama administration's rosy outlook on economy's recovery, makes a 'seismic' midterm prediction, addresses brutal violence in Mexico and the 'Palin effect.'

  5. 'I Want Justice!'

    Did San Francisco's sanctuary city policy lead to a triple murder? Grieving widow and mother speaks out

  6. Preventable Crime?

    San Francisco triple murder suspect never deported from the sanctuary city

  7. Gov. Brewer vs. Mexico and Latin America

    Arizona governor takes on Mexico and 10 other Latin American countries in immigration law dispute, gives latest on gubernatorial campaign

  8. Arizona Drop House Arrest

    Police raid safe house for alleged illegal immigrants

  9. 'Dog's' New Hunt

    Duane 'Dog' Chapman chasing down a child rapist fugitive

  10. Drug Cartel Believed Responsible for Mexico Massacre

    Soldiers find pile of bodies 100 miles south of U.S.-Mexico border; one man believed to be sole survivor of tragic event

  11. Shooting Victim Relives Terrifying Moments

    Illegal immigrant goes on shooting rampage

  12. British Toddlers Labeled Racist

    Over 250,000 children have been accused of racism under Race Relations Act

  1. The Politics of Libya

    Brit Hume sheds light on Obama's strategy

  2. Obama: 'The State of Our Union Is Strong'

    State of the Union, Part 3: President proposes government spending freeze to combat national debt; salutes troops

  3. Cost of Libyan Crisis Continues to Mount

    Coalition forces launch additional resources

  4. General Petraeus Assesses Afghanistan

    Commander of U.S. forces has positive outlook on Afghan war

  5. Obama Not Taking the Lead?

    New Fox News contributor Evan Bayh analyzes president's handling of crises in Japan and Libya

  6. Dennis Miller Locked and Loaded

    Funnyman's take on Libya, Obama's working vacation

  7. President's Balancing Act in South America

    Obama's focus on Libya while traveling

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