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Public Schools

'Taj Mahal' of Public Schools

$578 million public school opening in Los Angeles

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  1. 'We Need Her Voice'

    Kerry Kennedy on what her cousin Caroline would bring to the table in the Senate

  2. N.J. Gubernatorial Debate, Pt. 3

    Candidates tackle same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, education reform, corporate taxation

  3. Why Is Chinese President Visiting Chicago?

    Windy City hopes for big business with China

  4. Arizona School Cracks Down on Illegals

    Border town kids must have certificate of state residency to board bus

  5. Can Canada Save America's Schools?

    Harlem educator a voice of hope in 'Waiting for Superman'

  6. School Reform Movement Gets a Boost

    'An Inconvenient Truth' director Davis Guggenheim sets his sights on teachers' unions in 'Waiting for Superman'

  7. Education Blame Game

    Are unions at fault for poor education?

  8. Tough Task

    Washington D.C. public schools get shake-up

  9. The Journal Editorial Report 9/25

    Is 'The Pledge to America' a campaign gimmick or guide to governing?

  10. Twisted Terminology

    Evidence Kevin Jennings promoting radical agenda in schools?

  11. Freakonomics: The Movie

    Stephen Dubner and Chad Troutwine discuss the movie version of bestselling book

  12. Exclusive: Gov. Palin

    Alaska governor on suspicious fire that damaged her church and the Gov. Blagojevich scandal

  1. Why Catholic Schools Score Better Than Public Schools

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan explains

  2. D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Stepping Down

    What Michelle Rhee's departure says about the national education reform movement

  3. Major Changes Coming to Detroit Public Schools

    State order calls for closure to half of city's schools

  4. Is it Harder for Charter?

    Should the federal government fund charter schools?

  5. 'Virtual Schooling'

    Students educated via the Internet

  6. State of Education in America

    Debate over how to improve U.S. schools

  7. Film Analyzes Education System Failures

    'Waiting for Superman' attacks teachers, unions for failures

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