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Time to Stop Education 'Slush Funds'?

Education earmarks spent on questionable needs

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  1. Can Congress Unite on Education Reform?

    Congresswoman-elect Kristy Noem weighs in

  2. Debt Education

    Before the GOP unveils its budget plan, Rep. Paul Ryan wants to educate public, new lawmakers about the debt

  3. Beck: Bad Education

    Are we too stupid to raise our own kids?

  4. Education : A New Front in the Immigration Debate?

    SB1070 co-author wants new law that would require Arizona public schools to provide a headcount of children of illegal immigrants

  5. Education in America

    Former Gov. Jeb Bush on whether longer school year would help America's school kids

  6. Education Aid to Good Use?

    States not facing cuts get money anyway?

  7. Funding Our Education System

    Debate increases over whether the federal government should pass along funds to assist states with school funding deficits

  8. Obama on Improving Education

    State of the Union highlights

  9. Bad Education ?

    Parent wants hall pass for son during president's speech

  10. Abstinence Education

    Study: Virginity pledges are ineffective

  11. Expensive Education

    Congress bill aims to shame colleges into reducing tuition

  12. Bad Education

    Disturbing video of suspect trying to rob Wal-Mart with child

  1. Education Blame Game

    Are unions at fault for poor education ?

  2. Arne Duncan Talks Education Reform

    Education secretary on 'Fox & Friends'

  3. Bad Education

    Is your child's education getting hijacked by liberal ideology?

  4. State of Education in America

    Debate over how to improve U.S. schools

  5. The Department of Education Eyeing Facebook

    The government wants schools to oversee teens’ online activities to battle cyber-bullying

  6. Film Analyzes Education System Failures

    'Waiting for Superman' attacks teachers, unions for failures

  7. Obama: Education and Responsibility

    State of the Union highlights

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