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Department of Education

The Department of Education Eyeing Facebook

The government wants schools to oversee teens’ online activities to battle cyber-bullying

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  1. Beck: From Nudge to Shove

    Progressives extend government control

  2. Zero Based Budget

    Rep. Dennis Ross has a different approach to handling our federal deficit

  3. Is it Harder for Charter?

    Should the federal government fund charter schools?

  4. Many Schools Skipping the Pledge

    Is Pledge of Allegiance being phased out of classrooms?

  5. Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

    Texas congressman responds to mixed reaction following second victory in a row

  6. Arne Duncan Talks Education Reform

    Education secretary on 'Fox & Friends'

  7. Can Congress Pass a Long Term Budget?

    Panel weighs in on the latest attempt by Democrats and Republicans

  8. Poll: Angle Pulls Ahead of Reid

    Republican takes slight lead in Nevada Senate race

  9. Don't Touch My Slice of Government Spending Pie?

    Polls: Voters disagree on spending cuts

  10. Putting a Stop to Corporal Punishment?

    Paddling students is legal in 20 states, and fashion designer Marc Ecko wants to banish it.

  11. Election Analysis

    Alan and former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe take a close look at the upcoming midterm election

  12. PTA Mom Accused of Embezzling Big Money

    Did PTA pay for Brooklyn mom's lavish lifestyle?

  1. Tea Party's Post-Election Plan

    Is the Tea Party ready to move on after the midterms?

  2. Nice Work If You Can Get It

    New York teachers paid to do nothing?

  3. Obama Helping or Hurting Democrats?

    President's campaign stops may ultimately help the GOP

  4. Are Teacher Training Programs Effective?

    It's All Your Money: Taxpayers funding 82 programs to improve teacher quality

  5. Scalpel or Machete for Budget Cuts?

    Growing concern over economy sparks debate on budget cuts

  6. Legality of 'The Smut List'

    Questions over who's liable for online cyber-bullying

  7. Senate Race Heats Up in Colorado

    Sen. Michael Bennet and GOP candidate Ken Buck face off in weekend debates

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