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Ann Coulter on Predictions of GOP Blowout

Conservative columnist reacts to new polls

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  1. Beck: Restoring Honor

    Message behind the 8/28 rally

  2. Unfit to Print?

    Mike Gallagher on decision by NY Times to reject John McCain's op-ed piece about Iraq

  3. Dollar Disaster?

    Economic guru warns global currency and one-world government could be in our future

  4. Cancellation Controversy

    Ann Coulter sounds off on her 'Today' show appearance

  5. Making Waves

    2001 tape of Obama lamenting wealth redistribution surfaces online

  6. Reality Check

    New York Times rejects McCain's op-ed and Dan Rather calls Obama 'Usama'

  7. 'Trump Up Fake Controversies'

    Sparks fly as Obama spokesman Bill Burton accuses FOX News of 'specific agenda' to help John McCain

  8. Final Countdown

    Kate Obenshain and Bob Beckel debate all the angles leading up to Nov. 4

  9. Funny Business

    See anything funny at the polls?

  10. Fabricated Issue?

    Obama campaign accuses FOX News of having alliance with Drudge Report and McCain

  11. Fair and Balanced?

    ABC News draws fire for upcoming health care special

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    Where is the 'smart money' going?

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    Can 'green jobs' save the economy?

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    Two views on the road to recovery: Which do you believe is true?

  4. Beck: The Hindenburg Omen

    Are storm clouds gathering for stock market crash?

  5. Gadgets and Games 6/26

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the latest, greatest, must-have games, apps and hardware for the tech addict in your life.

  6. The One Thing: 11/18

    Confused about the economy? You're not alone

  7. Big Hollywood

    Andrew Breitbart unveils latest brainstorm