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Spike Lee

  1. Politics and Psychology

    The psychology behind President Obama’s decisions

  2. New in Theaters

    Plenty to choose from this weekend at the movies

  3. 'Miracle at St. Anna'

    Spike Lee directs WWII epic about four black soldiers trapped in Tuscan village

  4. New Questions About Obama's Role Ahead of Midterms

    Will president be help or hindrance to Democratic candidates?

  5. Brad Pitt Pro Death Penalty – for BP!

    Fox411: Brad Pitt lashes out at those responsible for oil spill

  6. More Obama!

    Gretchen Carlson joins Brian for the day's headlines!

  7. Lips & Ears: 12/12

    Rumor has it: Jolie and Pitt may have more twins; Simpson and Romo plan a wedding and Hollywood heads to D.C.