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Vegetarian Diet

Part-Time Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is all the craze, but giving up the 'red stuff' may be hard to do. Eating flexitarian just might make more sense

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  1. Pinheads & Patriots: 7/9

    Casey Kasem: pinhead or patriot?

  2. Healthy Toasted Walnut and Pear Bites

    Freshen up your lunch hour with this light dish.

  3. 'Payback Is Hell'

    New PETA billboard shows shark eating a person to promote vegan diets

  4. Home for the Holidays

    Tips to keep your cool and deal with family this Christmas

  5. Dumb & Dumber

    'The Factor' highlights the dumbest things of the week

  6. Familiar with Fame

    Former contestant recalls 'Balloon Boy' and family on 'Wife Swap'

  7. Tales From the Toilet

    Dr. Manny talks about a new book overflowing with information about the inner workings of the body and the mysteries that it holds

  8. Healthy Super Bowl Food

    Celebrity caterer Andrea Correale with nutritious meals for the big game

  9. Do the Right Thing

    Is God needed to know right from wrong?

  10. 'Save the Whales'

    PETA campaign targets overweight meat eaters

  11. Healthy Lunches for Under $5

    Don't let being on a budget ruin your diet! Check out 5 smart brown bag meals.

  12. 'Troll 2'

    How did the 'worst movie' ever become a cult classic?

  1. Warning: Graphic Material

    Accusations of animal abuse at Pennsylvania pig farm

  2. This Stinks

    Farmers furious at report feds considering taxing gassy cows, hogs

  3. Fox News Exclusive

    Disturbing video of animal cruelty at Pennsylvania pig farm

  4. After the Show Show: 7/8

    Why did Brian Kilmeade become a vegetarian ?

  5. Deirdre Imus Stops By The Studio

    Deirdre chats with Harris about news of the day

  6. A Taste of Modern India

    Food 101:'s Diane Macedo explores modern influences to the ancient Indian cuisine

  7. MS Healing Foods

    Author Ivy Larson introduces foods that have helped her overcome symptoms of multiple sclerosis

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