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Dick Morris

Palin's Poll Numbers Fall After Arizona Shootings

Dick Morris on former governor taking a hit after Tucson tragedy

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  1. Did Conservatives Gift Obama Lame-Duck Victories?

    Dick Morris on president's accomplishments since 'shellacking'

  2. Bait and Switch?

    Dick Morris' take on possibility Obama will tax health care benefits

  3. The O'Reilly Factor

    Wednesday, 8/11p ET: Dennis Miller, Dick Morris , and Dennis Kucinich on Obama's strategy speech! Plus, a body language breakdown of Joy Behar's moment of silence!

  4. Will Obama Succeed?

    Alan debates Dick Morris on his claim that Obama's approval rating will drop substantially by 2010

  5. Mountain to Climb

    Dick Morris : If McCain doesn't close gap this week, Obama wins by landslide

  6. The O'Reilly Factor

    Wednesday, 8/11p ET: Why are some Dems devastated over Obama’s tax compromise? Karl Rove and Dick Morris mull it over on the ‘Factor!’

  7. Backstage Pass

    Dick Morris explains why he changed from a Democrat to a Republican

  8. Would Defunding Planned Parenthood Cost More in Long Run?

    Laura Ingraham on battle over taxpayer-funded abortion provider

  9. Hannity

    Monday, 9p ET: Both sides latest attempts to balance the budget. Will they work and keep DC open for business?

  10. Obama's Approval Rating Drop Due to Japan?

    Dick Morris analyzes president's dip in poll

  11. On the Record

    Monday, 10p ET: Arizona's Medicaid controversy! Jan Brewer on her strategy for the state's health care costs!

  12. The Brothers Beckel, Round 2, Part 2

    Bob, Graham Beckel battle it out again

  1. Biggest Blunders

    Part 2: Dick Morris names the worst political mistakes of 2008

  2. Closing In!

    Dick Morris dissects the polls!

  3. Recovering his Sizzle!

    Dick Morris on Obama abroad!

  4. Morris Analyzes Senate Loses

    Dick Morris on midterm results, what's next for GOP

  5. Template for Success?

    Dick Morris breaks down strategy behind Chambliss runoff victory

  6. Americans Paying More After Passage of Obamacare

    Dick Morris on rising health care costs

  7. Disconnect Between Elites and Regular Folks

    Dick Morris on religious tolerance hypocrisy over Ground Zero mosque

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