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  1. Obama to Allow Military Trials at Gitmo

    Will administration resource top legal commissions?

  2. Obama Orders Resumption of Gitmo Trials

    What's behind president's reversal on military tribunals?

  3. China Ramps up Controls against Protestors and Journalists

    Anti-government protests continue in China

  4. Citizenship for Wife of Convicted Murderer?

    Illegal immigrant wants to stay near her husband

  5. Would Usama bin Laden Go to Gitmo?

    Panel on Obama's pledge to close Guantanamo Bay

  6. Can The Iranian People Pull An Egypt?

    With the Iranian government cracking down on protesters, can the Iranian people get a similar outcome to that of Egypt? Our panel of Joel Mowbray and Leslie Marshall weigh in.

  7. Cuba Moving Toward Capitalism?

    Cubans getting their own businesses

  8. Cuba Experimenting With Capitalism

    Communist regime granting licenses for independent small businesses

  9. U.N. Funding in the Crosshairs

    U.S. taxpayers supporting 'corruption, mismanagement and negligence'?

  10. Abducted by the Taliban

    A journalist's harrowing seven months in Afghanistan

  11. White House Ramps Up Use of Military Commissions

    Accused planner of USS Cole attack to be prosecuted at Guantanamo Bay

  12. GOP Lawmakers Waffling on Earmarks?

    Did Republicans learn lessons from midterm elections?

  1. 'Kennedys' Miniseries Director Addresses Controversy

    Director of 8-part series speaks out on being dropped from History Channel

  2. Around the World: Major Flooding in Thailand

    Landslides, floods affect 700,000 people

  3. Around the World: Attack Kills 45 in Iraq

    Group of gunmen wearing Iraqi military uniforms storm government building, killing 45

  4. On This Day: 3/27

    Nikita Khrushchev comes to power

  5. Can NATO Carry Out Libya Operation?

    Sen. McCain on questions facing enforcement of no-fly zone

  6. Time to Target Foreign Aid?

    Rep. Ted Poe pushing change to U.S. policy

  7. GOP Pushing for Vote on Foreign Aid Funding

    Rep. Ted Poe on aiding countries that hate us

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