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Crist Rubio Debate

Compare and Contrast: The Real Radicals

Conservatives are consistently beating progressives in current polls

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  1. Meek Not Backing Down in Florida

    Dem Senate candidate on 24-hour campaign tour across state

  2. It's the Economy, Stupid

    All-Star panel on this year's big election issue

  3. GOP Battle Brewing

    Florida Senate election heating up

  4. Establishment vs. Newcomers on Tuesday

    Political outsiders challenge Washington insiders in nation's hottest primaries

  5. The Independent Vote Bandwagon

    Examining the critical swing vote in elections

  6. Florida, Arizona Primary Preview

    Newcomer Marco Rubio and Washington fixture John McCain in heated Senate races

  7. Primary Day in 3 States

    Voters in Florida, Arizona, Alaska head to polls in key primary elections

  8. Accusations, Denials in Sunshine State

    Did Bill Clinton encourage Kendrick Meek to quit Florida Senate race?

  9. Primary Night Focus on Florida

    Tense races in Sunshine State take national spotlight

  10. Senate Races Remain Unpredictable

    Polls tighten days before Election Day

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  12. Chris Chocola on 'FNS'

    Power Player of the Week: One of the generals in the GOP's civil war

  1. Rep. Meek's Sunshine State Fight

    Democratic nominee for Florida Senate seat on economy's impact on midterm election

  2. Wallace Unplugged: Sunshine State Showdown

    Chris Wallace on Sunday's show and Clinton's meddling in Florida Senate race

  3. Dems Worried?

    'Powers Hour' looks ahead to 2010 elections

  4. Alan Colmes Breaks Down Key Primary Races

    Do Democrats have reason for optimism following Tuesday's elections?

  5. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/18

    Where does America stand on the Ground Zero mosque debate?

  6. M.J. Doctor Due Back In Court

    Florida's heated primary comes to a head, Mother Teresa honored by USS Intrepid

  7. Look Back at Tea Party in 2010

    How voter anger led to action in historic midterm election

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