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Stephen Colbert

  1. The O'Reilly Factor

    Monday, 8/11p ET: Stephen Colbert becomes a theologian, and attacks Bill in the process! But does he have his biblical facts straight? Find out, on ‘The Factor!’

  2. Making a Mockery of Congress?

    Comedian Steven Colbert cracks jokes at immigration hearing

  3. Newt Gingrich In Studio with Tom

    The Former Speaker lays out what the GOP 'Pledge' should be

  4. Troopathon 2009

    Raising funds for care packages for the troops

  5. After the Show Show: 12/7

    Who was Steve Doocy's mysterious phone caller?

  6. Former NASA Head Survives Plane Crash

    Sean O'Keefe makes it through deadly Alaska accident that claimed life of former Sen. Ted Stevens

  7. Stimulus Spotlight

    Senator takes White House to task over wasteful spending

  8. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less

  1. 'Colbert & Colmes'

    Alan finds a new sidekick in Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert

  2. Throngs Flock to D.C. to Restore Sanity

    Funnymen Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert hold rally in nation's capital

  3. Politics-Pop Culture Marriage Under Fire

    Funnyman Stephen Colbert's House testimony leaves many lawmakers missing the joke

  4. Click This

    Stephen Colbert shaves head for troops; Tony Awards set takes down Bret Michaels

  5. Mr. Colbert Goes to Washington

    Griff gets up close to Stephen Colbert , but did the comic's testimony on Capitol Hill go too far?

  6. Third Break: 9/25

    Stephen Colbert's Capitol Hill antics

  7. Click This

    President Obama orders GI haircut for Stephen Colbert