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Fashion week in Bogota

Fashion week in Bogota Colombia

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  1. Daring Rescue

    Colombia releases new video of hostage rescue

  2. Financial Failure

    'The Journal Editorial Report' revisits the biggest stories of 2008

  3. Inside the DEA's War Against Mexican Cartels

    Griff Jenkins goes to a secret location to get the inside story on the drug wars being fought across our U.S. borders

  4. Mexican Drug Lord Killed in Shootout

    Reign of Mexican drug cartel leader ended

  5. Around the World

    Olympic village house of cards in Hong Kong; wax sculptures for 'Buddhist Lent' in Thailand

  6. After the Show Show: 1/31

    Get to know 'FOX & Friends' when they let their hair down

  7. Plaxico Burress Uncut

    Greta's full 'On the Record' interview with NY Giants wide receiver

  8. Around the World: 8/20

    North Korean delegates plan rare visit; Colombian bullfighting festival turns deadly

  9. Bull Gores Boy

    12 year old matador gored in Colombia

  10. Deadly Bullfight

    Bull kills event worker in Colombia

  11. Chaos as Bullfight Goes Awry

    Three dead, 37 injured in Colombia

  12. Bull Has Man By the Horns... Literally

    Several amateur bull fighters gored in Colombia

  1. War Against Narco-Terror

    Oliver North's exclusive report on Colombian terrorists responsible for holding Americans captive

  2. Clinton's Controversial Statement on Mexico

    Hillary Clinton likens Mexico to Colombia in the 1980s

  3. Special Investigation

    Shocking new scandal involving attorney general nominee Eric Holder

  4. Jetliner Crashes in Colombia

    Boeing 737 crashes on landing and breaks apart

  5. Who are ‘The Roys’?

    Sibling bluegrass duo on their music career

  6. Chaos in Colombia

    Stands collapse at bullfighting arena

  7. Colombia Submarines

    Two submarines allegedly used for drug smuggling seized by authorities

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