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Bush Fort Hood

Terror Attack?

Former Attorney General Mukasey on Fort Hood investigation

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  1. The One Thing: 11/24

    Time for Obama to get his priorities in order

  2. Forbidden Word?

    Why won't some call what happened at Fort Hood terrorism?

  1. Web Exclusive: 'Fox News Watch' 3/11

    Hidden camera sting rocks federally funded organization

  2. 'I Was Wrong'

    With Gitmo still open and Obama OK with indefinite detention and military tribunals, you'd think someone would say the three magic words

  3. The Judge's Ruling

    Judge Andrew Napolitano tells Alan why he believes America is better served by putting alleged terrorists on trial in federal court.

  4. 'Obama's War Over Terror'

    D.C. journalist talks about his titled piece, 'Obama's War Over Terror'

  5. Safe at Home?

    Author Vince Flynn on whether our national security strategy is losing focus

  6. 'Prevent Similar Tragedies'

    Defense Secretary Gates announces review of Fort Hood massacre

  7. The One Thing: 11/12

    What do you really want from the government?