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  1. 'Such an Honor'

    Gov. Sarah Palin casts her vote; remains 'optimistic' and 'confident'

  2. Transition of Power

    Former Clinton Chief of Staff Mack McLarty on challenges the incoming Obama team will face

  1. Oil Prices Continue to Rise

    What impact is oil inflation having on our economy?

  2. Reaching Across the Aisle

    Sen. Jeff Sessions says 'non-partisan' talks key to Obama's success as president

  3. FOX Flashback #30

    Stock market crash, assassination attempt, Moscow massacre, return to space, match race of the century

  4. Boehner: 'We Are Going to Repeal Obamacare'

    Presumptive House speaker in no mood to compromise on health care overhaul

  5. Fast Fingers

    Girl sends over 14,000 texts in 1 month; dad gets 484-page bill

  6. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  7. Haunted Hotel?

    Legend has it Marian Hooper Adams' ghost haunts Barack Obama's Washington hotel