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Gadgets and Games: 10/15

Clayton Morris and guests talk Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards & Windows Phone 7

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  1. Lake Becomes Dumping Ground for Abandoned Pets

    Abandoned snakes, other pets becoming a nuisance in California Lake

  2. Rare Footage

    TV cameras capture great white sharks hunting at night for first time ever

  3. Animal Instinct

    Can dangerous animals be tamed by humans?

  4. The Great Mystery

    Alan engages famed atheist Richard Dawkins on the ultimate meaning of human existence.

  5. The Big One?

    Seismologist says increased tremors along San Andreas Fault may indicate major earthquake risk

  6. Science Project of the Century?

    Scientists claim to have created first manmade cell

  7. Looking to the Heavens

    Vatican hosts conference on possibility of alien life

  8. Looking for Clues

    What information can be gleaned from Nancy Cooper's body? Dr. Baden weighs in

  9. Political Grapevine: 6/29

    Are polar bears really in trouble due to global warming?

  10. VIDEO: Is Lettuce a Diabetes Fighter?

    Ask Dr. Manny: Can you tell me about the medical breakthrough with lettuce and diabetes?

  11. 'Sharkville'

    National Geographic catches great whites feeding at night

  12. E.T. Phone Rome?

    Vatican holds conference to ponder alien life

  1. Future of Medicine

    Nanotechnology is a revolutionary way of targeting cancer cells through the collaboration of engineering and biology that never existed until now

  2. Casual Sex on Campus

    Ad campaign targets college hookup culture

  3. Where Are the Carp?

    Single Asian carp found in Chicago-area fish kill

  4. Predators in Danger

    Sharks threatened by commercial and illegal fishing

  5. 'Pay-to-Play Politics'

    Illinois governor, chief of staff arrested in corruption probe

  6. Losing My Religion

    Famed atheist Richard Dawkins joins Alan to discuss his new book supporting the theory of evolution

  7. Remarkable Sight

    Dead whale towed ashore in Tampa, Florida

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