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Jeff Green

Sunshine State Politics

Preview of Tuesday's gubernatorial and Senate primaries in Florida

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  2. Primary Elections Heat Up Mid-term Elections

    As primary elections are held in five states, the pace picks up towards the November general election

  3. Drew Barrymore's Awkward Moment

    Rumor has it: Drew Barrymore has an awkward moment with Mark Wahlberg

  4. Alaska Unknown Shocks Political World

    Newcomer takes GOP Senate primary into overtime

  5. First Break: 10/30

    Panel weighs in on Obama's 'Daily Show' appearance

  6. Sens. Cornyn, Reed on 'FNS'

    Key lawmakers discuss growing voter concerns about economy, wars abroad

  7. Alan Colmes Breaks Down Key Primary Races

    Do Democrats have reason for optimism following Tuesday's elections?

  8. Countdown to November: Marco Rubio

    GOP Senate candidate previews Democratic primary, gives take on latest with rival Charlie Crist and more

  9. Sex, Lies and Videotape in Florida Senate Race

    Media in feeding frenzy over Democratic candidate's personal life

  10. Marco Rubio Previews Florida's Primaries

    Sunshine State voters head to polls to decide Democratic Senate, GOP gubernatorial candidates

  1. Election Day in Florida

    Voters are deciding candidates for this fall's general election

  2. 'Special Report' Online Show: 8/18

    Where does America stand on the Ground Zero mosque debate?

  3. It's the Economy, Stupid

    All-Star panel on this year's big election issue

  4. Primary Night Focus on Florida

    Tense races in Sunshine State take national spotlight

  5. Kendrick Meek: 'You Can Count On Me'

    Meek wins Democratic nomination for Florida's Senate seat

  6. Primary Day in 3 States

    Voters in Florida, Arizona, Alaska head to polls in key primary elections

  7. Florida, Arizona Primary Preview

    Newcomer Marco Rubio and Washington fixture John McCain in heated Senate races