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Spring Training

Nikki Bagley's On-Air Debut

Intern does live sports report on national television

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  1. Brian Kilmeade's SportsBlog: Opening Day Damper

    More than weather threatens to rain on baseball's parade

  2. Yogi Berra Taken to Hospital

    Fell backward in team clubhouse

  3. Elite Group Battles America's Wildfires

    Claudia Cowan follows smokejumpers through their spring training

  4. Tampa Mayor on New Obama Bow Controversy

    Pam Iorio responds to photo flap

  5. My Word: 12/13
  6. Bernie Williams

    Part 1: Former Yankee on becoming a guitarist and releasing a new CD

  7. T-Grip Barbell

    FOX Fight Game, Round 4: Tim Fitzpatrick introduces his new 'universal' barbell