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Mark Prior

Sebelius’ resignation opens the ObamaCare 'Can of Worms'

Obama electioneering preparing for November is underway. Plus - Scandals that just won't go away

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  1. Obama, Dems seek to keep the base engaged

    Power Play: Obama and Pelosi stick to the script: "It's the House GOP's fault" Plus - GOP Establishment vs. Tea Party in key battleground states

  2. Reds sign Prior to minor-league deal

    Former Cubs pitcher Mark Prior will continue his long comeback from shoulder surgery.Prior signed a minor-league deal with the Cincinnati Reds on Friday. The deal do...

  3. RNC challenges vulnerable Dems on ObamaCare

    ObamaCare's already taking center stage in the 2014 midterms as the DNC and RNC vow to run on it and Chairman Priebus wants Dems in a joint presser

  4. Democrats up for re-election turning on Obama?

    Impact of ObamaCare on incumbents

  5. Power Play 1/7/14: Obama rekindles 'poor' war

    Obama expected to harangue GOP for resistance to welfare package. Plus - panel discusses 2014 Senate races

  6. Power Play 10/24/13: Will Congress push for ObamaCare delay?

    New effort by red state Democrats to extend signup deadline and is the NSA spying on everyone?

  7. Power Play 1/16/2014: Hacker's delight

    ObamaCare data dangers not fixed and a look at the state of personal and religious freedom. Plus - A review of the Obama economy

  8. ObamaCare's impact on 2014

    'On the Record - 2013': How badly will questions and problems with the Affordable Care Act affect Democrats in the midterm elections in 2014?

  9. Will Americans ever trust the President again?

    Karl Rove breaks down the latest national polls

  10. Panel Plus: 10/20

    Watch the ‘FOX News Sunday' panel, Brit Hume, Julie Pace, George Will, and Chuck Lane, as they discuss the state of the GOP, in our web exclusive Panel Plus

  11. Power Play 1/3/14: ObamaCare will boost ER visits

    New study disputes President Obama’s claim

  12. Cueto roughed up as Athletics top Reds 10-9, Prior pitches 1 hitless inning

    Derek Norris homered as the Oakland Athletics roughed up Johnny Cueto and beat the Cincinnati Reds 10-9 Thursday.Cueto allowed five runs on five hits and two walks i...

  1. How the ObamaCare cloud will hang over Dems in 2014

    Larry Sabato analyzes the impact on midterm elections

  2. Former All-Star Mark Prior signs with team in independent Golden Baseball League

    Former NL All-Star Mark Prior is trying to make another comeback.Prior signed with the Orange County Flyers of the independent Golden Baseball League, then pitched a...

  3. Power Play: Rep. Tom Cotton discusses his 2014 senate race

    Chris Stirewalt interviews Rep. Tom Cotton about his 2014 senate race to unseat Sen. Mark Pryor (D) in Arkansas. Mitt Romney carried Arkansas by 23% in the 2012 presidential election.

  4. Rubio makes his case for ObamaCare Bailout block

    Analysis on CBO report and ObamaCare. Plus - Sen. Pryor goes ugly early with Medi-scare ads

  5. Uncertainty in Washington over new jobs report

    Power Play: Jobs numbers look bleak, new set of ObamaCare delays, and who's ahead in Colorado's Senate race?

  6. ObamaCare the focus of high-profile Senate race in Arkansas

    Republican Rep. Tom Cotton challenges Democrat

  7. The vulnerable Democratic Senate seats

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the Democrats facing tough Senate races.

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