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Babe Ruth

Fox Flashback #11

Major air crash, 1st American woman in space, chasing O.J., flag burning, Montana train wreck, and the Bambino's last uniform

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  1. FOX Flashback 9/28-10/4

    Riots in Mississippi, O.J. aquited, Sputnik, Amish massacre, Babe Ruth's 60th homerun

  2. This Week in History: 9/27

    Babe Ruth sets record; Ford Model T ready for the road

  3. Obama Defends Actions in Libya

    Is U.S. military intervention in Libya justified?

  4. Staying Fit in the White House

    Which presidents were known to stay in top shape?

  5. Business of Sports: 2/18

    Daytona 500 and NBA All-Star game duke it out on the same weekend

  6. Second Break 10/16

    Panel discusses heated California gubernatorial debate