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U.N. Funding in the Crosshairs

U.S. taxpayers supporting 'corruption, mismanagement and negligence'?

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  1. The One Thing: 12/9

    This is the best America has to offer?

  2. Global Warming Warning

    Researchers warn of possible effects of a warmer planet

  3. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  4. No Soy Joy?

    Study: Soy could lower sperm count

  5. Sens. Graham, Daschle on 'FNS,' Pt. 1

    McCain, Obama surrogates debate whether claims of race and arrogance are relevant in the election fight.

  1. Worst Wedding Video Ever?

    Heartbroken couple wins court fight against cameraman

  2. Dollar Disaster?

    Economic guru warns global currency and one-world government could be in our future

  3. Global Fight

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pumping millions into worldwide anti-smoking campaign

  4. Lasting Scars

    Former prisoners relive hostage situation

  5. Snob Style

    Dress like you go to Harvard without the Ivy League education

  6. 'Matter of History'

    Part 2: John and Cindy McCain talk about downfall of raising taxes in a bad economy, media's treatment of Gov. Palin

  7. Americans Under Siege

    First-hand account of a pirate's terror